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24th April 2020

Thinking of entering the Dentistry Awards? Here are some helpful hints and tips to get you started!

  • Don’t leave it until the last minute – be aware of the closing date and leave yourself enough time to get everything ready to submit.
  • Make it interesting – the judges will be looking at a lot of entries so yours needs to stand out and be memorable.
  • While it comes down to the content, presentation is important as it shows the judges the strength in your practices brand. While not everyone has the budget to create a professionally produced entries, there are lots of free software you can use to create great looking submissions that are easy to use such as Canva. The entry should be clearly labelled, spellchecked and easy to navigate through.
  • Provide relevant information – make sure you read the guidelines of your chosen categories and are clear about what the judges are looking for.
  • Don’t ignore the word count – be nice to the judges, keeping your entry within the word count will work in your favour.
  • Keep to the point – be clear and efficient in your use of words; communicate what you have to say effectively. Remember what categories you’re entering. While many of the categories overlap they are different and each one of your entries should have a focus. Referencing another category is okay but ensure the important information is enclosed.
  • Provide facts – provide solid evidence rather than vague generalisations. Facts and figures can improve your award entry.
  • Involve your team – they can get the necessary information and help compile your entry. Get them involved in obtaining relevant patient testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to demonstrate how you meet and exceed patient expectations.
  • Be real and include real photos of the practice and team. Avoid stock photos. The judges wanted to get to know you from your entry.
  • Get someone else to proof read it. Spelling and grammatical errors can be costly at the judging day.
  • Make sure each entry you submit is tailored for that category – submitting the same entry for multiple categories doesn’t reflect well.
  • Ensure you include everything you want the judges to know – they are basing their decision on your entry and their own research. You can include links to your website and social media platforms but ensure you have included an example, such as a screenshot, if they are an important part of your entry.
  • Make sure you include plenty of supporting evidence. Below is a list of different types of supporting evidence you can include your entry. Supporting evidence is not included in the word count so feel free to add all that is relevant to that category.
    • Before and after clinical photos
    • Patient and staff testimonials
    • Referring testimonials if relevant
    • Any evidence of charity work, working with the local community, schools, etc
    • Google/online review (you can screenshot them and send them as images)
    • Marketing literature (aftercare leaflets, promotional offers, online campaigns etc)
    • Include website URLs and social media links
    • Photos/videos of the practice (these can be both internal and external)
    • Photos the team (these can be professional images and casual team photos from social days out/training days, etc)
    • Relevant staff training information.

Remember that ultimately your entry should be all about why you do the work you do – for your patients! Tell the judges how you go beyond to ensure your patients have the most comfortable experience they can. Walk the judges through a visit to your practice and tell them what systems or features have been put in place or improved, for your patients. Discuss how you take on feedback, both positive and negative. Good luck!

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