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12th May 2017

2016 Winners explain the benefits of entering The Dentistry Awards


Entering an awards scheme is an investment in time and efforts, and it’s important to determine the true benefits of entering. What better way to determine the value of The Dentistry Awards than to hear from the winners themselves.

Here’s what they had to say after stepping off the stage:


Alif Moosajee, Best Young Dentist – Midlands and Best Young Dentist UK

Alif Moosajee  

Why do you think you won the award?

Alif Moosajee (AM): I love dentistry and I really love the profession and I want to do all that I can to enhance patient care and improve our patients’ confidence in what we do. I really felt that if I could treat my patients well then that would be fantastic but if I can also help other dentists, through organising education at our study clubs or by lecturing as well, to enhance their patients’ treatment then I really felt like I could make those ripples in the ocean spread far wider then I could on my own.


What does the award mean to you?

AM: Winning this is amazing. I’m still not sure it’s completely sunk in, but I know that I am smiling far more broadly than I have in a long time! Being able to impress the judges whom I respect greatly and know have a very discerning eye is something I am immensely proud of.


Is there anyone you would like to thank for making this happen?

AM: Absolutely. The list is too long and I am so grateful for all those who have taught me, inspired me and kicked my ass into shape along the way! But I would like to especially thank my wife Rumana who is my partner in life and also in the practice. She is not a dentist but she is a patient so she has made me see dentistry through the eyes of people that matter the most. She is also a natural born leader and without her I could not run Oakdale Dental and be able to do all the other bits too! I would also like to thank my beautiful little girl Anni who has inspired me to be fearless in the pursuit of my goals. Wanting to have a daughter who sees you as her hero, but will also continue to do so as she gets older is a massive motivation to succeed and make her proud.



Aman Bharti, Best Practice – North East

 Amran Bharti

How do you feel to have won this award?

Principal of Headrow Dental, Aman Bharti (AB): I am elated, over the moon, shocked.


Why do you think you have won?

AB: I am hoping the judges saw all of the hard work I have put into this. I have been the principal for two years and it has been non-stop improvement. It is not just about the practice, it is all about the patient care. I just want to make a super practice and it looks like we’re going that way!


Is this the first time you have entered the awards?

AB: Last year we were fortunate enough to win Best Patient Care!


And what was the response from your patients on the last award?

AB: Phenomenal. Just to be treated by the team that has been given an award for Best Patient Care in that region is phenomenal. This new award is going straight into our trophy cabinet.



Lucy Gooch, Best Young Dentist – North West

 Lucy Gooch

Congratulations! How do you feel?

Lucy Gooch (LG): I’m so surprised to have won this award as it was a completely secret nomination by my practice manager.


Why do you think you won this award? LG: My team and everyone around me has helped us to push everything massively in the practice that I’m in. The area that we are in is really socially deprived and we have turned a corner with it, so for us it is a massive thing, these sort of things don’t come very often! This sort of recognition is really lovely and I really appreciate it so thank you very much!



Linda Chabani, Best Patient Care – London

 Linda Chabani

Congratulations! How do you feel?

Manager of Moonz Is Orthodontics, Linda Chabani (LC): Great, amazing, over the moon! I was competing with nine other practices, but we did it!


How are you going to present your award to your patients?

LC: We are going to put it in our practice in a place for all of our patients to see. And our marketing team are going to put it all across social media.


Why do you think these awards are good for the profession?

LC: Nowadays there’s a lot of competition and patients search a lot on the internet for different practices. Our patients will be able to see that we will take care of them.



Dental Beauty Swanley, Best Practice – London

Dental Beauty Swanley

Why did you enter these awards?

Dental Beauty Swanley (DBS): Because we’re good enough. They are clearly the best awards, there are no better awards than The Dentistry Awards. I knew from the start that we were going to win. We got up before they’d announced the winners because we knew. We always try our hardest, whatever we do, we always make sure that patient care is the forefront of what we do. The ethos of the practice is patient care.

Have you enjoyed the evening?

DBS: It’s been amazing.

What are your plans for next year?

DBS: Come back and win every award. World domination!



Thomas Sealey, Best Young Dentist – South

Thomas Sealey

How does it feel to have won this award?

Thomas Sealey (TS): It feels very special. I won last year, which was absolutely incredible, and so to win again is literally amazing. I have worked immeasurably hard to better myself as a dentist since last year, but I really didn’t think I’d done enough to win the award again, so when I heard my name I was completely shocked. Winning this award reinforces my drive to continue to push myself to develop and improve.


Why do you think these awards are good for the profession?

I think Dentistry magazine brings the whole of the profession together as it allows anybody to write and present a case they have completed. You are invited to share your work and receive feedback and advice from your peers. We are so often restrained in what we do by time factors, medicolegal concerns, or by NHS remuneration systems. Seeing what’s happening out there and what can be achieved safely and responsibly by your peers can inspire others to try these new techniques and improve their own clinical skills and patient care. This is imperative to allow UK dentistry to evolve. Coming together for one night a year to celebrate these achievements with all of your friends is an exciting and rewarding culmination of an entire year’s, or often even longer, hard work. It’s a great experience to be part of.



Jonathan Campbell, Best Patient Care – North East

Ravat & Ray Dental Care Bolton One

How does it feel to have won?

Jonathan Campbell, practice manager, Ravat and Ray Dental Care Bolton One (JC): It’s great, it’s a fantastic achievement.

How do you feel these awards are affecting the profession?

JC: I think it’s really good for recognition and to make the patients aware that you are a good practice.

What are your plans over the next year now you’ve won?

JC: To continue to win, keep doing the same thing, improve and hopefully win again next year.



Guy Laffan, Best Young Dentist – Wales

Guy Laffan

How do you feel to have won?

Guy Laffan (GL): Ecstatic! I genuinely came here tonight thinking I’d just have a great night out, and this award turned up! This isn’t my usual thing, but I just thought I’d go for it. Simon Chard (winner of Best Young Dentist UK at The Dentistry Awards 2015) is one of my best friends and he told me to go for it. Where I’m from in Wales, this means a lot. It’s absolutely phenomenal.


Why do you think you won?

GL: I must have showed cases that made the judges think that I’m a very caring dentist!


Do you think you’ll enter The Dentistry Awards again next year?

GL: I’m definitely going to enter again. I’d love to win Best Young Dentist UK. I came to this ceremony never thinking I wouldn’t win, and then I did, against some really strong competition. The fact that I won makes me hungry to be the best overall young dentist in the UK.


What would you say to other young dentists who are thinking of entering The Dentistry Awards?

GL: Keep doing whatever makes you happy. If you do it to the best of your ability, just keep doing what you’re doing.



Joshtyn Ann Omidvaran, Best Team Member – London

Joshtyn Ann Omidvaran

How do you feel to have won?

Joshtyn Ann Omidvaran, Chelsea Dental Clinic (JO): Incredibly honoured, incredibly shocked. It was my first time entering and I was so honoured to just be a finalist. I was really shaken when I won. I didn’t expect to hear my name, so I’m really happy.


Why do you think you won?

JO: My team would say they think I work harder than anyone; I came into a practice that was really struggling. They would say when I came I helped turn it around – I would say together with a good team we all did it together. But I work long hours, I look after every single patient as if they were family, making sure every patient has a good experience and feels looked after. Dentistry can be a difficult place for fearful patients, so that was my mission.


What would you say to other dental professionals thinking of entering The Dentistry Awards? JO: I would definitely encourage it. It gives you confirmation that you’re on the right track. We’re not perfect – nobody who wins is perfect, but it shows you’re going down the right path. It helps push you further to see what else you can do.



Jonathan Worton, Best Young Dentist, London

Jonathan Worton

How do you feel to have won?

Jonathan Worton (JW): Absolutely amazing! To be shortlisted was very special, but to win is something else. I couldn’t be more chuffed.

What made you enter The Dentistry Awards?

JW: I think it’s a great thing for young dentists to do to get recognition, for our patients, for us for professional development, and for pride.


Why do you think you won?

JW: I work exceptionally hard and I have a good team behind me. I do lots of different things – not just dentistry; I teach at Guy’s Dental Hospital, I do school visits and charity work. You can’t just be a dentist you have to be part of the community.


What would you say to other young dentists who are thinking of entering The Dentistry Awards?

JW: Go above and beyond – do everything you can while you’ve got the time and energy.



Steve Lomas, Best Patient Care – North West, Best Practice – North West, Best Patient Care – UK And Best Practice UK

Old Surgery Dental Practice

Steve Lomas, dentist and practice owner of The Old Surgery Dental Practice (SL): To us it’s really the culmination of almost 19 years, pretty much the same team, working together to try and deliver the best care we can to our patients. All we want to do is the best we can, strive to be the best we can. If we do that our patients are the winners because we do the best we can for them. It’s not difficult.


Have you enjoyed the evening?

Cracking evening as ever. Really enjoyable, it’s always fun. Just for any practice to put themselves out there, to even get a nomination and to get to the finals is all we ever wanted to achieve. To get that recognition from your peers is fantastic. To actually come away with anything is amazing. To come away with the overall winner is beyond our wildest dreams. It’s what we’ve strived for. Most of our team has been together way over a decade and that’s probably why it works.



Romit Sharma, Best Team Member – South

Romit Sharma

How do you feel to have won?

Romit Sharma (RS): Wonderful! This is the first time I’ve been to a place that is so magnanimous and I’ve loved it.


Why did you enter The Dentistry Awards?

RS: I felt that FMC was the company that was giving a lot of support to the dentists in terms of supporting not only dentists but dental laboratories and other dental fields as well. That’s why I thought I’d apply for this and see how it goes.


Have you enjoyed the evening?

RS: I have enjoyed the evening, it’s wonderful, the venue is wonderful.



Mark Willings, Best Team – North East

Mark Willings, Horbury Dental Care

How does it feel to have won?

Mark Willings, Horbury Dental Care (MW): Oh we’re delighted. We’ve got a massive team, we’ve brought 32 people. It’s not so much the award it’s the recognition for all the hard work and effort all our guys put in. Particularly with our team who are so enthusiastic, passionate, caring, and to get this is just a massive reward for all our hard work. It really is about the journey and the journey they’ve been on to get this is just tremendous.


Will you be letting your patients know about it?

MW: All of them, every single one. This will be all over our practice, all over the local press. Yes we’re delighted, we couldn’t be happier.


Why did you enter The Dentistry Awards?

MW: Because I realised that my team at the moment is particularly special. I’d heard about The Dentistry Awards and all it can do for practices. A colleague of mine did it two years ago and he raved about how good an effect it had on the team in terms of team building. So I thought if he can do it, we can do it, and we’ll go one better and come and smash it.


Watch the 2016 video:


The Dentistry Awards are open for entry. Enter for free now >

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